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Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

Who is StepForward?

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“Giving a voice to Survivors of childhood trauma and abuse" and enabling difficult conversations, using the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scoring is something I am passionate about, to Educate, Enable and Empower.

Recognising experiences of childhood trauma and abuse, both through personal development, recovery programme and study, has enabled me to acknowledge my own resilience, strength, vulnerability and most importantly my safe care to heal and overcome.

My mission is to ensure that anyone is able to access information and we stop the silence, which only exacerbates the shame, guilt and stigma for victims/survivors of abuse and enable voices to be heard. Raising awareness of the long-term effects and outcomes of childhood trauma into Adulthood, I believe, also provides pro-active prevention of abuse for children of today.

Speaking and facilitating workshops, enables change for informative sign posting, to how we approach recovery and pro-active prevention with trauma-informed care, especially in the workplace and other environments, where sickness due to stress is the biggest cost and challenge currently in the UK.

“Resilience” is a word that is often used, however “Vulnerability” is often termed as oversharing or a weakness, hushed up related to perceived poor performance and yet true collaboration, involves us working together, to achieve the best and effective outcomes.

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Did you know?

Stress not only impacts on the general wellbeing and morale of an organisation’s employees, but also productivity and profitability through overtime costs, recruitment of temporary or permanent cover – absence from work due to stress issues and is thought to cost the UK economy £26 billion per annum. (*as per google statistics).

In 2016/17 526,000 workers suffering from work-related or personal stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) and 12.5 million working days were lost. With the highest figures recorded within ages 34 – 54 (as per figures released on This age range, also correlates with the figures released by The British Psychological society for non-recent disclosure of childhood abuse or trauma.

So, as a business owner or employee what does your company currently offer in the way of Wellbeing coaching:

  • to enable support for prevention of stress related illness?
  • to those currently on long term sickness and looking to return to work?
  • for personal development and Wellbeing?
  • support when someone is disclosing feelings of overwhelm from trauma or abuse experiences or even thoughts of Suicide?

With a vast experience of working with small and large Corporate Businesses, both as an employee and a Business owner myself, having an effective wellness coaching and training package in place, will show a huge reduction in the financial and management cost of sickness to any business. Wellbeing coaching improves morale, wellness and effectiveness (not forgetting productivity and increased profits from reduced long-term sickness).

Contact me today, so I can understand what you require, I look forward to speaking with you and remember – every StepForward makes a difference – taking your first step now.


Beverley Ann – Trauma Recovery Practitioner
Wellbeing Coach – accredited with TCE (The Chrysalis Effect)
Certificated by ILM (The institute of Leadership and Management)
Specialist Recovery Practitioner – accredited with TCE (The Chrysalis Effect)
Certificated by FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists)
SIRPA practitioner 1 accredited with SIRPA
Member of the IRCT (Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma)
KWIB (Kent Women in Business) Judges award winner for Inspired Achievement award 2019 and Women’s Champion award Finalist
TCE (The Chrysalis Effect) Pasquill Pioneer Award 2019 also the Recovery Ambassador Award and Practitioner Ambassador Award 2019
If you require copies of any of these certifications or CPD training and certifications, please contact me.

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