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Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

I have had traditional therapy before for Anxiety and Pain but nothing seemed to work. I wanted to try something different and came across your website. You have helped me to prioritize my wellbeing and take part in activities again without anxiety.

I would recommend Beverley to Anyone hoping to focus on their wellbeing. She has a warm personality, and listens to what is important which has helped me in my recovery by understanding what is happening in my body.

1:1 sessions at SOS Osteopath and Wellness Clinic Southwick.


Just wanted to update you that I’m doing good because of all your work with me is embedded in my mind. This has helped enormously since working with you. 

Migraines now are very infrequent, I think I went 4 months without one this year! But when I’ve had them they have been milder and I can track back on the triggers.

My biggest trigger this year so far has been the loss of my mum but I recognised it and basically accepted it and let the grief come to the surface when I needed too (yes that included sobbing when surfaced). 

I hit 60 last year and wanted to share a photo of me living life. Yes, I did a wing walk!! It was a hell of an experience but I loved it!! Still can’t thank you enough for what you helped recognize within myself and recognizing elements in others so I don’t let them trigger me.

1:1 coaching sessions


What was your objective for having wellness coaching?

To ensure emotions were possessed following an accident

What did you feel you achieved the most, from having Trauma Informed Wellness Coaching?

Learning to verbalize my emotions and feel where they were in my body

Would you recommend Wellness Coaching to others and why?

Yes and I do recommend it to clients and friends. I think there is huge value in moving forward and away from a past hurt or trauma.

Would you share a few words as a Testimonial?

Beverley is very intuitive and loving. I felt she knew me well by the end of our sessions. She is very trustworthy and full of integrity. I would recommend Beverley to anyone and have already recommended her to several of my clients.


What have you learned about yourself?

That my core values are based on memories of incidents and happenings from my childhood, and possibly from my teenage years.

What do you feel you achieved the most, from having Wellness coaching?

It was an emotional release. I actually understood more in my session then I did in my counseling sessions.

Would you recommend Coaching to others and why?

Absolutely, I thought it was amazing. An eye opener for me.

Would you share a few words for a testimonial about coaching with Beverley?

I found Beverley to be very down to earth and very quick to put me at ease on my first session. The whole process was amazing, and I knew I was in good hands. I trusted her immediately and she was always there with words of comfort. She helped me uncover things that I didn’t even know about myself, she is truly inspiring.

1;1 Wellness sessions In-Person

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned so much, about my self , about my trauma – and the effect it has had on my body and neuropathways in my mind. 

What would you like to look at further?

I’m looking forward to being even more healthy, well and getting in touch with myself and my emotions. 

What do you feel you achieved the most, from having Wellness coaching?

 I feel like I had never come this far without it.

What has been the most challenging part?

Having faith with all my symptoms.

Would you recommend Wellness Coaching to others and why?

Always! I feel even healthy people would benefit from it. Its a way of really individually looking at your specfic person and body. Understand it and help yourself.

Would you share a few words for a testimonial about coaching with Beverley.

Beverley is a kind and gentle coach with huge knowledge about trauma conditions and the effect it has on the chemistry of the body. I would warmly recommend working with her any day you want to change your life!

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1:1 coaching - Continued Pathway & Mentoring

I wanted to take the opportunity to invest time in myself and be accountable.  By taking part in the workshop it focused me on self-care and now I concentrate on nutrition and “me time”

Beverley has an extraordinary way of listening and her recall/memory is quite remarkable. Without appearing to take notes she could remember what each person in the group said.

I found the group sessions helped me to understand my values and beliefs.  Working with others I felt less isolated and could relate to a lot of what was shared by other participants.  My compassion for others and myself grew.

Discovery Pathway Coaching Workshop

Would you recommend Coaching to others and why?

YES, in my opinion it is a life skill, one that everyone can benefit from. Life is hard and full of struggles.

Therapy has given me a tool for life. I am more in touch with who I am now than I have ever been and for that I am forever grateful.

I was always on the fence about group therapy but I learnt so much. Being surrounded by people who listened and could relate to what I was saying, and likewise, made me feel at peace and like I wasn’t alone.


Beverley is hands down, one of the best people you will ever meet. She is patient, personable, caring, trusting, grounded and experienced!

I felt like I could tell her anything and everything right from the get-go. On one occasion I brought up a painful memory from when I was younger, something I have carried around with me for years.

Beverley was very understanding and she asked the right questions and I began to see things from a different perspective. Since then I have been able to move on and feel differently and more positive about the situation. She is phenomenal! Beverley has taught me skills that I will continue to use forever and for that I am so grateful! Five stars from me, and if I could give more I would.

Discovery Pathway Coaching Workshop

Beverley took us on a gentle but powerful self-discovery journey, learning in an open and honest, but safe environment.

Coaching with Beverley felt very nurturing and supportive and at the same time empowering. 

I loved the way she mentored the group, the whole coaching experience was extremely valuable and I would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to Beverley.

I would definitely recommend coaching to others, and I have already recommended my husband.  I think coaching can help so many people to take back control of their own life in a healthy and practical way.

Discovery Pathway Coaching Workshop

I feel I have been able to identify and see the process/chain of events that lead to me feeling this way, and am able to interrupt the process and stop it before it affects me too much.

 I have also been able to manage healthier expectations, both in being realistic in what I can achieve with work and also in how long things will take, and appreciate the smaller steps and achievements that will lead to larger goals.

Beverley has the uncanny ability to zero in on the root of your issue and offer the exact help you need, and give you the tools to continue to improve yourself long after your sessions have finished.

Discovery Pathway Coaching Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed working through Beverley’s coaching session with a group of like-minded individuals. I felt I was in a supportive and safe environment to explore areas of my life that I wanted to change and expand and make better.

Very interesting & thought-provoking exercises, some of which I wanted to resist, but having worked through them, I’m better able to make changes to old, established thought patterns and behaviours.

Any apprehension I had at the start was soon gone and I found the whole experience enlightening and enriching. I’ve also met people I will remain friends with after the course has finished.

Discovery Pathway Coaching Workshop