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Dont tell me ask me title

Don’t Tell Me…..Ask Me

Don’t Tell Me I will be Ok – Ask Me how I am Don’t Tell Me to stop crying – Ask Me why I am Don’t Tell Me you are doing it wrong – Ask Me if I know how Don’t Shout at Me if you are angry – Ask Me about it when you …

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Special Guest : Fatima Whitbread MBE

Fatima Whitbread MBE talks with Chris and Beverley about her own experience growing up in care, overcoming abuse in all forms: Emotional, Physical and Sexual and also about her campaign to make change happen for young vulnerable people in care. This raw, uncut conversation gives an insight into the sheer determination of Fatima overcoming her …

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Special Edition: Recovery Rollercoaster

As part of National Adult Safeguarding Week, Chris and Bev talk about supporting Vulnerable Adults, however what if they are not aware they need support? Also the impact of Recovery with the highs and the lows – Before the mafic happens. In their own uniquie way, Chris & Beverley share their own insights through lived …

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Have You Got 5 Minutes?

We love receiving questions to be answered by Chris and Beverley and todays question comes from someone working in the care sector and mental health. Chris and Beverley are both Experts in overcoming the impact of Abuse, Emotional, Physical and Sexual together with their professional perspective too. If you have a question you would like …

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Episode 43 – Online Fun or Abuse?

How many times do we hear about someone "just having a bit of fun" however there are many things to consider especially when online and the implications. Chris and Beverley discuss this topic especially in light of the rise of online abuse or with contact being made so easily through social media and gaming sites. …

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Episode 42 – Pulling Back – Stepping Back

Keeping busy, perfectionism, continually striving are good habits to have however they can also be coping strategies and lead to overwhelm. But how do you balance this? In this episode Chris and Beverley open the conversation and share their own Lived experience and professional perspective on overcoming abuse. If you have a question or a …

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Special Guest 7 – Emily Victoria & Mum Kath

Having guests join us has been a great addition to the podcasts, however this week we introduce 2 awesome women – Emily Victoria and her mum Kath. Following a private viewing of a Channel 4 documentary featuring Emily and Kath's lifelong journey and experience of Child sexual abuse, Chris & Beverley knew immediately they wanted …

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Episode 41 – 2 Sides

Chris and Beverley talk about 2 sides to perpetrator's and how it is that people can be divided in their perception of a person, based on their own experience or perception. Chris & Beverley then goes further to talk about the challenges in being a survivor and how feelings and memories can be conflicting as …

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Special Guest Dr Elly Hanson

Dr Elly Hanson is a clinical psychologist and researcher who focuses on preventing sexual abuse and reducing its impact, as well as more widely, helping children and young people enjoy positive relationships and thrive. She works with police, educators, charities, survivors and national organisations, in particular informing work to tackle abuse and respond effectively. She …

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Special Guest Pauline Sharp

After her own Lived Experience of Ritual Abuse, Pauline Sharp has founded Take Cover which is a support group for Women who have experienced sexual abuse, themselves or in supporting others. She gives an insight into her own experience and her courage in raising awareness to encourage recovery and support for other women, not forgetting …

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Episode 40 – Exploring Sex Education

Following the release of episode 39 about pornography, there has been several articles and videos published about sex education within schools. Chris and Beverley share their own beliefs, and thoughts on this and look forward to hearing your own feedback and any questions you may have. As always they share from a Lived Experience and …

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