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Recovery from Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be relentless and if after seeing your GP or consultant they have ruled out all options of disease/illness this can be particularly frustrating.  Chronic pain can include migraine, IBS, joint pain, muscle pain, back pain and many other.  It can be continual or intermittent – and finding the underlying cause is the journey of discovery which enables recovery and freedom from pain.

Our bodies main purpose is to keep us save and survival is instinctive – hence the importance of acknowledging the link between physical and neurological connection.  “Healing the mind and body” by Dr John Sarno M.D and/or “They can’t find anything wrong” by Dr David D.Clarke MD offer vital information and an insight into awareness and the start of recovery.

SIRPA™ (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association) was developed in early 2010 by UK Chartered Physiotherapist, Georgie Oldfield.

Georgie had come across the pioneering work of John E Sarno MD in early 2007 after spending years trying to answer all the inconsistencies she was regularly noticing between the symptoms her patients presented with and their diagnoses. Reading Dr Sarno’s first book about the condition he called, Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS), produced an epiphany moment for Georgie as everything fell into place and she realised she now had an answer to all her questions.

After setting up SIRPA™, the TMS Recovery Programme for patients became the SIRPA™ Online Recovery Programme. This is now available as an online programme for patients to work through by themselves, or with the support and guidance of one of the health professionals who has undertaken the SIRPA™ Training.

Currently, I am level 1 certified and studying to achieve practitioner level 2 certification bringing together my own personal lived experience and current experience with existing and previous clients.

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