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Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

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Life and Self Worth

How can you build self worth or a life that you want to live, when you are not aware of the impact of trauma/anxiety and the importance of self care. Chris and Bev in their unique way discuss this in detail and share their own Lived Experience together with a professional perspective. This conversation is […]

Suella Braverman IICSA report part 3

On Monday 22 May Suella Braverman announced her findings on the IICSA report (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) and the next steps the Government are taking. Chris and Beverley share their own thoughts and insights as Chris was on the panel of Victim and Survivors, and both took part in sharing their story in […]


Friendships come in many different forms and dsynamics. "They come into our Lives for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime" as quoted by Beverley. Chris and Beverley discuss the differences and also the challenges at times of navigating relationships with friends and also the benefits, that make enhance our lives. Listen […]

Taking Stock

How often to you take time to reflect how far you have come in your life? What you have overcome? Chris and Beverley share their insights and thoughts in sharing their own experience from a professional and personal aspect, in conversation. Listen below:

Family Gatherings

Do you look forward to Family Gatherings or dread them? Do you feel under pressure to attend, even though it is a huge trigger as your abuser maybe attending? How do you manage the expectations of others, whilst maintaining your own self care? Chris and Beverley discuss this sharing their own Lived Experience and professional […]

Intimacy & Sex

There is a big difference between Intimacy & Sex, however what if you have been sexually abused or raped? How can you overcome this? Chris & Beverley open this challenging conversation for many people and also share their own personal thoughts and experiences. Listen below:

EP 25 – Rage & Its Impact

How do you release your Anger? Is it an emotion you feel comfortable with? Do you find that you have an issue with Anger? What happens when it turns to Rage? Chris and Beverley explore this emotion that is often suppressed and in honesty, can feel challenging at times to voice. We would love to […]

Guest 2- Rachel W

Expert by Experience! CEO, Survivor, Thriver, Educator of professionals working with young people, Trauma and SEMH – is Rachel's professional role. In this episode Rachel joins Chris & Beverley in sharing her own experience of being a survivor of childhood abuse and a care leaver. Understanding how challenging it is to find your voice through […]

EP 24 -Resources 2 Survivors Work

Following on from our last episode, where we discussed the power of books in education, awareness and healing/recovery – in this episode we look at inspiration too from books and resources, which include books written by other survivors. As always Chris and Beverley share their conversation, thoughts and beliefs in an authentic way from Lived […]

Resources 1 The Power of Books

Chris and Beverley share insights into the books that inspired their own recovery and healing journey and what they mean to them. The list includes: You Can Heal your Life – Louise Hay; Gabor Mate – scattered minds, When the Body says No, Hold onto your Kids; The Courage to heal – Ellen Bass & […]