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Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

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1st year Celebration

In celebration of the first year of creating Breaking The Cycle To StepForward join Chris and Beverley on Brighton Pier where they look back at what has happened and also share some insights and vision for the next year. If you have something you would like to hear or join us as a guest please […]

EP 22 Endings and Grief

Do you find it difficult when their are endings in relationships, a job or a friendship? Do you take time to grieve? In this episode Chris and Beverley talk about the importance of taking time to grieve to enable space to move forward and that its ok. They share their own personal experience and professional […]

EP 21 The Importance of Listening

What do you do when somebody shares their experience of abuse or they are unable to cope. We often have expectations of feeling that we need to fix, but what if they just need someone to listen to them at that moment. Or even being scared about what we are going to hear. Chris and […]

EP 20 The Power of Speaking Out

Being unable to speak out or express your emotions, results in internalizing mixed emotions of shame, guilt, grief, sadness, anger and so much more which prevents reaching out for help and support. But what if you do speak out – what is that like too? Chris and Beverley talk about finding your voice from their […]

Episode 19 – People Pleasing

Are you constantly saying yes, when you want to say no just to keep others happy? Do you find yourself agreeing to do something and resenting it, because you didn't want to let someone else down? Chris & Beverley talk about people pleasing and how this is something that we learn to do in childhood […]

Dr Howard Schubiner – Mind Body Medicine

Our first guest to join us is Professor and Dr Howard Schubiner MD, FACP, co founder and clinical director and Medical Advisor of Freedom from Chronic Pain. A professor at Wayne State University for 18 years and is currently in practice at the Providence Hospital in Michigan USA. An author of several books including Unlearn […]

Seasons and What they may bring up for us

Do you find you have memories linked to different times of the year and seasons? You may prefer winter to summer or family holidays around Easter, Summer and Christmas may evoke sad emotions even triggers. In this episode we explore this in more details and share our own thoughts and experiences and also professional perspective. […]

Episode 17- Healthcare appointments

Chris & Beverley talk about attending healthcare appointments which to some people are an everyday event and not much to consider…. however what if going to the dentist for a check up is a trigger, or your physical response sometimes leaves you shaking or crying? What about other medical check ups and appointments? In this […]

Ep 16 – Finding your Voice Through Writing

Finding a voice to our emotions can be extremally challenging to access and looking for alternative ways or tools is important. Writing is one of them, however we all have our thoughts about this and also challenges. Chris and Beverley share their own lived experience with writing and also a professional perspective. […]

The Media & the Language they use

What impact does it have on us when we are listening to a radio, watching the TV and especially the news. In all aspects of communication there are different ways of interpreting words and their meanings, but how is this received by your own self beliefs and/or Triggers and those around us? Join Chris and […]