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Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

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Brooklands Radio – Just Women

I was invited onto the Just Women show on Brooklands Radio

StepForward Coaching

Opening the conversation about ACEs

Trauma and/or abuse in different ways in childhood is the underlying cause of chronic illness such as fatigue, diabetes, heart disease and more in Adult hood. With sickness due to stress being the highest cost to Businesses and the UK – how is this related.


Kent Women In Business – Inspired Achievement Judges Award

“When I was 16 I lived in a hostel in Bromley Kent with other vulnerable young people, and around the Christmas table that year, i knew that one day I would use my voice to share my story. My dream at that time was to do it the NSPCC because they helped me as a […]


Kent Women in Business Judges Inspired Achievement Award 2019

When I was 16 living in a hostel – I was sitting around the christmas table with about 5 other vulnerable young people knowing that one day I would use my voice to share what really goes on, from a child’s voice.


Kent Women in Business Magazine Interview

I was interviewed by KWIB Magazine as I prepared for an expedition to Malawi.


Why a Wellbeing Coach?

As a Wellbeing Coach I have been asked several times about my accreditations – which I am always happy to share

abuse, trauma, overcome, coaching

Victim or Survivor – What does it matter?

Why do we have these descriptions or labels and are there other words we can use?

#MeToo, Abuse, trauma, sexual abuse, ACE's, coaching


I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Dont tell me ask me title

Don’t Tell Me…..Ask Me

Don’t Tell Me I will be Ok – Ask Me how I am Don’t Tell Me to stop crying – Ask Me why I am Don’t Tell Me you are doing it wrong – Ask Me if I know how Don’t Shout at Me if you are angry – Ask Me about it when you […]