The StepForward Recovery Practice

Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

Recovery is different for each person however there are fundamental principles that are important to understand to gain clear knowledge and understanding.  The Chrysalis Effect offers an online recovery program that you can follow independently, along side your G.P or you can also work with Specialist Practitioners who can tailor your recovery pathway to you.

This valuable conference gives you an insight into the protocols of recovery and knowledge which you are able to keep for reference.  On Saturday you have the opportunity to take part in Live masterclass sessions which you will need to book when booking your space on the conference.

If you are unable to attend on the Thursday or Friday the whole time don’t worry as it will be recorded.  Click on the button to find out more and book your space.

October 13, 2022 - October 15, 2022