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Don’t Tell Me – Ask Me Listening to the Adult Child – Social Work Week 2023

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Science is recognizing the impact of trauma – physically, mentally (neurologically) and emotionally, with pre-disposed medical and psychosocial outcomes of children with adverse experiences, into adulthood. What about the impact of secondary trauma and triggers to the care givers?

About Social Work Week

Social Work Week 2023 will take place from Monday 20 to Friday 24 March 2023, and will aim to bring people together to learn, connect, and influence change.

Who is Social Work Week for?

Social Work Week is for anyone with an interest in social work in England, including (all of the following):

  • social workers, including those practising and those looking to return to the profession
  • people with lived experience of social work
  • social work students
  • employers of social workers
  • social work educators
  • organisations with an interest in or influence on social work

Social Work Week 2023 is a varied programme with events taking place at different times of the day, so people can take part when it suits them best.

March 22, 2023