The StepForward Recovery Practice

Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

StepForward Into Wellness

StepForward into Wellness
  • Each session is 1 hour and they are available to attend on zoom or in-person.
  • The location for in-person is SOS Osteopath and Wellness Clinic, Southwick, Sussex.
  • There is an option to pay for each session individually £20 or if booking 4 in advance they are £65.00
  • Each session will have a different theme and will include the impact of chronic fatigue and/or pain, foggy brain, low mood, isolation and loneliness, fear and a lot more
  • The objective is to have access to group wellness coaching sessions as part of your self care tools
  • You are not asked to share anything personal
  • Benefits of these sessions include: flexibility, choice and active understanding and participation so you can see the benefits for yourself.
  • Wellness tokens are available to purchase as a gift for someone special see link: Buy a Wellness Token
  • When attending your first session the payment is only £5
  • To confirm your space payment is required to receive zoom details or confirmation of in-person attendance.
  • If you are unable to attend the live session you can request a copy of the recorded session
  • email for enquiries and booking assistance


March 22, 2023