The StepForward Recovery Practice

Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

I.E. – Sweden

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned so much, about my self , about my trauma – and the effect it has had on my body and neuropathways in my mind. 

What would you like to look at further?

I’m looking forward to being even more healthy, well and getting in touch with myself and my emotions. 

What do you feel you achieved the most, from having Wellness coaching?

 I feel like I had never come this far without it.

What has been the most challenging part?

Having faith with all my symptoms.

Would you recommend Wellness Coaching to others and why?

Always! I feel even healthy people would benefit from it. Its a way of really individually looking at your specfic person and body. Understand it and help yourself.

Would you share a few words for a testimonial about coaching with Beverley.

Beverley is a kind and gentle coach with huge knowledge about trauma conditions and the effect it has on the chemistry of the body. I would warmly recommend working with her any day you want to change your life!