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“Its not just in your head” healing & recovery from PTSD

Avaiya Universtity Healing PTSD

Often when speaking about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as it is spoken about as a mental illness and a Disorder – I prefer to reframe it is a survival response to trauma. However, there is a physical impact which often goes unaddressed as we treat the symptoms without understanding the underlying causes or responses.

Living with the impact of severe stress, anxiety and trauma can be debilitating, however with knowledge and learning about our bodies physical responses, we can change the neurological and physical messages we have learnt, to lead healthy and balanced lives. Our bodies are built to survive and keep us safe – by understanding this we can utilize wellness tools and coping strategies which in turn enables us to lead fuller healthier lives.

Beverley is 1 of 30 teachers taking part in an online masterclass about recovery from PTSD and CPTSD with the Avaiya University in June 2022 and during this session with Ande, you will have a further understanding of the correlation of the physical impact and insight into simple steps to start your recovery and healing.

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As a speaker, my mission is to enable Adult Survivors to have a voice and to raise awareness and enable Families, friends and colleagues to be able to ask questions and be more aware of overcoming abuse and/or trauma for the best support.

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