The StepForward Recovery Practice

Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

Discovery Pathway Coaching Workshop


I wanted to take the opportunity to invest time in myself and be accountable.  By taking part in the workshop it focused me on self-care and now I concentrate on nutrition and “me time” Beverley has an extraordinary way of listening and her recall/memory is quite remarkable. Without appearing to take notes she could remember […]

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Beverley is hands down, one of the best people you will ever meet. She is patient, personable, caring, trusting, grounded and experienced! I felt like I could tell her anything and everything right from the get-go. On one occasion I brought up a painful memory from when I was younger, something I have carried around

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Beverley took us on a gentle but powerful self-discovery journey, learning in an open and honest, but safe environment. Coaching with Beverley felt very nurturing and supportive and at the same time empowering.  I loved the way she mentored the group, the whole coaching experience was extremely valuable and I would like to say a

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I feel I have been able to identify and see the process/chain of events that lead to me feeling this way, and am able to interrupt the process and stop it before it affects me too much.  I have also been able to manage healthier expectations, both in being realistic in what I can achieve

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I thoroughly enjoyed working through Beverley’s coaching session with a group of like-minded individuals. I felt I was in a supportive and safe environment to explore areas of my life that I wanted to change and expand and make better. Very interesting & thought-provoking exercises, some of which I wanted to resist, but having worked

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