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Wellbeing: Coaching survivors of Abuse and Trauma to have a voice and balanced life.

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SOS Osteopath and Wellbeing Clinic backdoor

Clinic Location for In-person visits and workshops

A room with a view is what we were looking for as a venue for in-person recovery sessions and workshops and we certainly found it at the SOS Osteopath and Wellbeing Clinic. There were many other factors to consider too for accessibility and being part of a referral team, which can offer hands on treatments […]

Episode 1 – Introduction to Breaking The Cycle To StepForward

About 30 minutes of Authentic conversation about Breaking the Cycle of Abuse (Emotional, Physical and Sexual) and how to take a StepForward to make a Change, Recovery & Healing. Chris and Beverley have their own Lived Experience which we share and also from a professional perspective as we both work within Trauma Informed Recovery in […]


Ask Karen

As a guest on Ask Karen on Mint Radio we spoke about Self-Care and in her words in introducing Me she adds: “As a specialist Trauma recovery practitioner, Beverley works with women who find themselves constantly stressed, anxious and constantly felling fatigued or in pain. Learning about self-care is her no 1 top tip however […]

Avaiya Universtity Healing PTSD

“Its not just in your head” healing & recovery from PTSD

I am speaking about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as it is spoken about as a mental illness and a Disorder – I prefer to reframe it as i a survival response to trauma. However, there is a physical impact which often goes unaddressed


Kent Women In Business – Inspired Achievement Judges Award

“When I was 16 I lived in a hostel in Bromley Kent with other vulnerable young people, and around the Christmas table that year, i knew that one day I would use my voice to share my story. My dream at that time was to do it the NSPCC because they helped me as a […]


Why a Wellbeing Coach?

As a Wellbeing Coach I have been asked several times about my accreditations – which I am always happy to share

abuse, trauma, overcome, coaching

Victim or Survivor – What does it matter?

Why do we have these descriptions or labels and are there other words we can use?

#MeToo, Abuse, trauma, sexual abuse, ACE's, coaching


I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Dont tell me ask me title

Don’t Tell Me…..Ask Me

Don’t Tell Me I will be Ok – Ask Me how I am Don’t Tell Me to stop crying – Ask Me why I am Don’t Tell Me you are doing it wrong – Ask Me if I know how Don’t Shout at Me if you are angry – Ask Me about it when you […]