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Special Guest Pauline Sharp

After her own Lived Experience of Ritual Abuse, Pauline Sharp has founded Take Cover which is a support group for Women who have experienced sexual abuse, themselves or in supporting others. She gives an insight into her own experience and her courage in raising awareness to encourage recovery and support for other women, not forgetting […]


Episode 40 – Exploring Sex Education

Following the release of episode 39 about pornography, there has been several articles and videos published about sex education within schools. Chris and Beverley share their own beliefs, and thoughts on this and look forward to hearing your own feedback and any questions you may have. As always they share from a Lived Experience and […]


Have you got 5 minutes?

This months question comes from a midwife who listened after listening to episode 10 Pregnancy and Children. If you have a question you would like to put forward you can contact Chris and Beverley by email. Home The StepForward Recovery Practice Listen below:


Episode 39 – Does Pornography Influence Child Sexual Abuse?

The definition of Pornography is: "printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement". For consenting Adults over the age of 18 it is widely accepted as part of a choice. However, what if it is used to encourage young children, or even what […]


Episode 38 – Parenting part 3

Parenting is always challenging and when you are a victim/survivor of Abuse how does this impact you as you children grow older. Chris and Beverley have revisiting Parenting as there is much to share from their own Lived Experience and Professional Perspective. We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and any questions and you […]


Episode 37 – Teaching Children Consent

Many children are often told to kiss a parent goodnight or another member of family, even a family friend. However what about their choice? Is it rude if they don't want to – does a parent have a right to demand their child to do this in the act of Love? Chris and Beverley discuss […]

Have You Got 5 Minutes?

"By Giving Choice do we enable or overwhelm?" is just one of the questions being asked of Chris & Bev in this episode about children, choice and boundaries Chris & Bev respond from both their own Lived Experience and professional perspective in this 30 minutes (ish) conversation. If you have a question that you would […]


Episode 36 – The Power of Fear

How often does Fear hold you back? Stop you talking, Stop you taking action? – What if fear was also the cause of your illness or pain? How does your body respond to fear? Most importantly are you aware of how much your decisions are based on fear? In this episode Chris and Beverley speak […]


Episode 35 – Is It Really That Easy

Chris and Beverley discuss overcoming Abuse and some of the challenges including sharing their own Lived Experience and from a Professional Perspective. Opening these conversations is important and it would be good to hear your thought's or questions that you have about recovery. Listen below:

Guest 4 – Claire Waxman OBE

Claire Waxman OBE joins Chris & Beverley to share her own Lived Experience and also Professional Perspective as London’s first ever Victims Commissioner. She speaks about her wellness business, and how she became a victim herself to stalking, going through the judicial system and also challenging decisions and procedures along the way. This led to […]