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Episode 34 – People in Power & Can We Trust them?

Currently we are hearing lots of stories about people in positions of trust (including celebrities' police, popstars, film stars and many more) , abusing their position of trust and even committing heinous crimes themselves. When Trust is a fundamental part of creating a relationship, including professional what do we need to learn and who can […]


Episode 33 – Shame ’On You’

Carrying around the 'shame' of abuse is what often prevents people from disclosing to others. The fear of being judged, or called a liar. Chris and Beverley share their own insights into how that feels and learning to understand that part of the abuse, is the perpetrator being able to offload the shame onto the […]

Have You Got 5 Minutes?

This brand new monthly Q & A episode is called "Have You Got 5 Minutes" where we answer questions sent into us. This is our first one and we are answering in relation to feedback received from a previous podcast about Sex Education. We will be recording a monthly Q&A so if you have a […]


Episode 32 – The Past is the Past

Have you ever been told to just forget that – it happened years ago? Why do you need to talk about that now? Or do are you trying to support someone who is stuck in the past and unable to find ways or choices that are healthier? Chris and Beverley open the conversation about this […]

Guest 3 – Sarah Champion MP – Dare To Care

Our special guest is Sarah Champion MP who is one of the MP's trying to prevent perpetrators of sexual abuse and exploitation, from being able to change their name from point of arrest. Della's Law is vital to stop the loophole that enables sexual offenders to change their name. Chris & Beverley open the conversation […]


EP 31 Healthy Habits New Beginnings

We all have good intentions at times and want to try new things, however getting started is often the challenge. Chris and Beverley share their own thoughts and experiences together with a professional perspective. If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Listen below:

Life and Self Worth

How can you build self worth or a life that you want to live, when you are not aware of the impact of trauma/anxiety and the importance of self care. Chris and Bev in their unique way discuss this in detail and share their own Lived Experience together with a professional perspective. This conversation is […]

Suella Braverman IICSA report part 3

On Monday 22 May Suella Braverman announced her findings on the IICSA report (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) and the next steps the Government are taking. Chris and Beverley share their own thoughts and insights as Chris was on the panel of Victim and Survivors, and both took part in sharing their story in […]


Friendships come in many different forms and dsynamics. "They come into our Lives for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime" as quoted by Beverley. Chris and Beverley discuss the differences and also the challenges at times of navigating relationships with friends and also the benefits, that make enhance our lives. Listen […]

Taking Stock

How often to you take time to reflect how far you have come in your life? What you have overcome? Chris and Beverley share their insights and thoughts in sharing their own experience from a professional and personal aspect, in conversation. Listen below: