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Children & Pregnancy part 1

Making a decision about becoming a parent can be additionally challenging following Abuse and its a subject not often discussed. Being aware of the impact of Trauma in childbirth, or becoming parents in various forms – whilst wanted can also be challenging by mirroring experiences in childhood and triggering fears. Self care is always necessary […]

Are We Allowed To Be Happy – Episode 9

Often we are so busy ensuring everyone else is happy and cared for, that we put ourselves last. There are many reasons for this, and this question is something that comes up at times especially when looking to overcome shame and guilt. Join Chris and Beverley as they openly discuss this in an authentic conversation […]

Movement & The Benefits in Recovery

How can movement benefit you when overcoming anxiety and trauma? What does movement mean especially when you have Chronic Fatigue or Pain? Chris & Beverley share their own thoughts from Lived Experience and a Professional Perspective, talking about what movement means to them including tips, insights and awareness to inspire you. We would love to […]

Episode 7 – Emotions

How do you cope with your emotions? Do you just get on with it? Avoid feeling at all costs? Find ways to keep going and shut them out? Does this sound familiar to you? Chris and Beverley share their own lived experience and professional perspective in this 30 minutes (ish) episode. We would love you […]

Episode 6 – Therapy

In this episode we talk about Therapy – including our own experience together with professional perspective as always. Join us and feedback to us your own thoughts and questions about Therapy and its Benefits. Listen below:

Episode 5 -Trust

If you have grown up with your care givers breaking your trust, how to you learn about Trust yourself. Chris and Beverley discuss Trust in their authentic way, sharing their own Lived Experience together with professional perspective. Don't forget to follow us and if you have any questions contact us Listen below: […]

Special Edition Part 2 IICSA reporting

The IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) report was shared on 20 October 2022 and in this episode Chris and Beverley share their own experience of sharing their story through the Truth Project and how this contributed to the Inquiry. In the first part of this Special Edition, we spoke about the Background of […]

IICSA Report part 1

Following the release of the IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) report, Chris and Beverley discuss the report and start breaking it down to enable understanding of why it was set up, who initiated it and how it is broken down. These special edition podcasts will be included over time to enable updates and […]

Episode 4 – Boundaries

This podcast we are talking about the importance of boundaries both for our self and also within relationships with other people. This could be the family, work, or a special person and friends, most importantly it starts with understanding them. Join Chris and Beverley in 30 (ish) minutes of raw, uncut authentic conversation from a […]

Episode 3 – Healthy Relationships

What is a healthy relationship especially when you haven’t experienced it growing up? Chris and Beverley discuss this in their own raw, uncut, Authentic conversation which is about 30 minutes from their own Lived Experience and professional perspective. Listen below: